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At 1031 Pine Street a house built by H.H. Soest, a chemist who studied the mineral quality of the hot springs water in Paso Robles, and in fact would boil the water in large vats and extract minerals that he bottled and sold to druggist.  In 1953 was used as a physical therapy clinic...Story tells that there were many potions, health related elixirs, homeopathic remedies, parchments, snake doctor concoctions to cure one's ills in the drug stores in town, and one can only imagine the medicine shows that came into town traveling The Kings Highway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

We can just imagine the medicine shows that might have stopped and where the huckster sold his elixirs with a black face singer and some minstrel music.

1901 business directory lists, 15 or more saloons in 1901
  • 800 Pine Street:  The Southern Pacific Railroad arrived on October 8, 1886 in San Miguel, then on October 31, 1886 in Paso Robles.  On November 16, 1886 it went as far west as Templeton.  On April 20, 1889, the railroad went to Santa Margarita.  Due to the cost to build the final distance, it was years later before it made it over the Cuesta Grade to San Luis Obispo.
  • 1202 Pine Street: around 1890, the Bank Saloon was built.  Then in 1901 it became the Palm Saloon
  • 1236-1238 Pine Street: Campbell / Estrada buildings known as two of the oldest buildings in Paso Robles and were ran as a card room and a saloon.  In 1971, the Pine Street Saloon took over the 1238 Pine Street location
  • 1238 Pine Street: Louis C Fortini Distributor of beer and spirits in 1941 at 1238 Pine Street and advertising John Wieland's Extra Pale Lager Beer
  • 12th & Pine: in the 1930s, the Paso Robles Press was on the northeast corner of 12th and Pine Street

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