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Mr. "Make My Day"seen on Pine Street!  Busis on Pine between 11th and 12th, which some years back was the Crooked Kilt and back in the late 1800's was known as the Green Dragon Saloon...When I brought Clint Eastwood to Paso Robles in 2008, we had our first event at the Paso Robles Inn.  Later I saw Clint walking alone toward the Kilt by himself along the park sidewalk.  I later heard that he had gone into the bar to have a beer.  That night he told me that he used to go there for a beer back in the days he was shooting Raw Hide near Paso Robles and hung out here in Paso on trips here to visit his friend James Brolin, who's married to Barbara Streisand, and dad to Josh Brolin, who has returned to live in the area...

Pine Street Saloon has had a very interesting list of pickers and grinders, actors and characters belly up to the bar, shake a leg, pick and grin, or actually ride their horse into the Saloon...see a brief list below
  • Jesse James, rumor has it and hearsay
  • Frank James, visited Paso Robles several times
  • Merle Haggard, great memories at Pine Street Saloon
  • Nicolas Escarpio, rode with Poncho Villa
  • Mel Gibson, actor / producer / director
  • Sam Elliot, actor
  • Robert Mitchum, actor
  • Glen Cambell, songwriter, music star, session guitar
  • Sandy Koufax, baseball star
  • Ramblin' Jack Elliott, the legendary
  • Gary Busey, the one and only
  • Robert Carradine, of the Carradine dynasty
  • Kacey Musgraves, huge present rising country star
  • Bernie Taupin, songwriter / partner with Elton John

Our Visitors

  • Chris Felver, author / photographer / filmmaker
  • Amaya Rose, songwriter / singer / fiddler player
  • Jack Tempchin, Eagle's songwriter
  • Louie Ortega, Grammy Award winner
  • Paula Nelson, Willie Nelson's daughter
  • Connie Nelson, ex-wife of Willie Nelson
  • Kenny Lee Lewis, Steve Miller Band's lead guitarist
  • Nick St. Nicholas, bass player for Steppenwolf
  • John Andrew Parks, songwriter / performer
  • Tennessee Jimmy Harrell, local country performer
  • Tony James, TV and music star
  • Norm Sancho, from Jack Tempchin's band
  • Rick Rosa, bass player for Neil Young
  • K.M Williams, legendary blues player
  • Travis Howard, Miranda Lambert songwriter
  • Greg Kinnear, actor
  • Lauren Francisca, internet star
  • Bryan Llyod, great one-man show on keyboards