Below are some things caught on the Saloon video cameras

Matt Kettmann in his article in Smithsonian Magazine talked about his six-man entourage embarking on what he called "the most authentic and doable old-school tour of the West Coast" and saying, "Our visits to a handful of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo county's longest continually

ale-slinging establishments would indicate that ghost stories may be as old as the saloons themselves."  A number of times in the Smithsonian talked about the Pine Street Saloon and stories owner Ron French told them "his security cameras were picking up a presence...but was it a mere illusion or something more ghostly," Matt asks...

 The Smithsonian Magazine articles goes on to say:

 First opened by Ron's mother, Pat French, in 1971, the Pine Street Saloon ditched its old location in 2002 to move into the circa 1865 building next door. That was just in time to avoid the massive Paso Robles earthquake of 2003, which knocked down their old brick building but only tilted their new wooden structure. French, it turns out, might just be the most hospitable saloon keeper on the planet, having refurbished the upstairs brothel rooms into a boardinghouse of sorts to accommodate overly inebriated guests and purchasing a limousine to drive such patrons home for free, so long as they're within Paso Robles' city limits.‚Äč